On October 26th, we hosted the 1St Annual Sandusky Township Community Halloween Party at the Township Fire Station with 40-50 children and their parents attending making the station full with fun and laughter! The fire station was decorated by volunteers with scary Halloween decorations and donated pumpkins creatively painted by St. Joe’s art classes, which were given away as well as many other awesome door prizes.

Everyone was treated with hotdogs, donuts and popcorn. Schmitz’s amazing cider was also served by our colorful M&M s volunteers. We had a lot of imaginative costumes that made it hard to select the winners. The groups consisted of four age categories and one family (sibling) category. The prizes were donated by local businesses and township trustees, all participants went away with a huge bag of goodies and a fireman’s hat.

We would like to thank all our volunteers, the Sandusky Township Fire Department and our Township Trustees, Chip Overmyer, Paul Lotycz and Mike Willis who gave their support towards this first community event for the township residents. We would also like to thank the following businesses for their generous donations:

Buffalo Wild Wings.  Dairy Queen West, Fricker’s

Kroger,   Sandusky Township Fire Department

Sandusky County Parks District,  Root’s Farm Market

Lotycz and Sons, Haunted Hydro, Schmitz Cider

Polter’s Berry Farm, Klickman Farms, Applebee’s

SJCC Art Classes, Denny’s, Heinz

Prairie Market, Rimelspach’s Farm Market

Overmyer Farms, Bob Evans, Frisch’s

Nickles Bakery, Staples, Wal-Mart


We hope to see all the children of the township next year at our 2Nd Annual Halloween Party!


Cathy Overmyer co-chair

Charlie Baxter co-chair